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For 15 years, Baby Care Advice has been providing consultations to parents around the globe. In such a technologically advanced age, we can now provide personal and expert consultations via telephone, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype or email no matter where your family lives.


Our highly popular articles enable parents to enhance their parenting knowledge while our consultation service provides the level of information, guidance and emotional support that each client requires to resolve their baby or toddler care predicament. As a result, the children gain contentment and our clients’ confidence and enjoyment in their parenting role is enhanced.


After many years working on a child health advisory line, founder of Baby Care Advice, Rowena Bennett found it was not necessary to be in the same room as parents and baby in order to assess the cause of a baby care problem and provide parents with key information they needed to resolve their baby's troubled behavior.


Baby care Advice has now supported thousands of moms, dads, grandparents and carers overcome their baby or toddler care issues. 


About Rowena

I was a registered nurse and midwife, before having children. The challenges I experienced in caring for my children as babies influenced my professional career. After my youngest started school I trained as a mental health nurse and later undertook further studies to become a child health nurse.  That was when I discovered the stress my whole family had endured in those early years could have been avoided. I finally understood the reasons for my children's sleeping issues, and how easily I could have remedied the situation had I known.


I have now dedicated my professional career to assisting parents to resolve baby care problems. For 20 years I worked at an Early Parenting Education Center in Australia. I worked side by side with parents and was provided countless opportunities to observe first-hand the diverse range of problems that trouble healthy babies and toddlers, and witnessed how these problems resolve once parents make appropriate adjustments to their childcare practices. Through the accumulation of more than eight years of professional education relevant to promoting the health of babies and children, and the many years of hands-on experience working closely with families, I have learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the care of physically well babies and toddlers.


I love what I do. The reward of knowing that I played a key role in helping parents resolve a problem that has caused them weeks or months of stress, coupled with sharing the joy that parents experience when they discover how much fun it is to care for their now content child, is priceless.  I can’t imagine doing anything else. 


Our Team

Rowena Bennett

    • Registered Nurse
    • Certified Midwife
    • Certified Mental Health Nurse
    • Certified Child Health Nurse
    • Graduate Diploma in Health Promotions

    Rowena's speciality areas include infant feeding and sleeping problems, including feeding aversion and tube weaning.


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