How We Can Help


Our expertise lies in resolving care problems that commonly affect healthy babies and toddlers. For example:

  • ColicPoor GrowthRefluxWeaningMilk IntoleranceIntestinal GasCrying for Unknown ReasonsConstipation or DiarrheaSleep DisturbanceTeethingInsatiably Hungry BabyThrushBottle Refusal


Our Professionals have extensive experience with these types of problems. This means we can offer effective solutions, even in cases where multiple other health professionals may have failed. [See Testimonials.]

Some people ask "How can you solve these problems without seeing my baby?" We assist with care problems affecting physically well babies and toddlers. Most of our clients have, in desperation consulted with several medical professionals regarding their babycare problem without success before finding us. So we know if you baby is well or not. We don't need to see your baby to figure out the cause of his/her distress. We just need to know the right questions to ask you about your baby's behavior, growth, feeding and sleeping habits and your infant feeding and sleeping practices.

We respect that every child is an individual and every family unique. Consequently the reasons for a baby's or toddler's troubled behavior can differ in each case. We don't make an educated guess at what the cause might be during a hurried consultation; rather we take your concerns seriously and assess the situation thoroughly, with great care and attention to detail. And that's just the start!

An in-depth knowledge of child development and behavior enables us to explain what's occurring from your child's perspective, and describe steps you can take to improve the situation. We work with you to develop a plan of action that matches your parenting style and family circumstances. We answer all your questions and make appropriate suggestions to help your baby or toddler through the sometimes challenging transition to contentment. When you follow the plan we design to resolve your baby's problem, his or her contentment will follow!

We appreciate that many mothers, even experienced mothers, can feel overwhelmed by the reality of caring for a distressed baby, or that they may suffer anxiety owing to an infant feeding problem, or they are physically exhausted as a result of a long standing infant sleeping problem, and consequently would benefit from receiving follow-up support. We can provide caring, daily support until you resolve your baby care problem. You need never feel alone!

Imagine how relieved you will feel when you have resolved your baby care dilemma. When you get to see how happy your precious baby can be, and how much fun it is to care for him or her, you'll be telling your family, friends and everyone in your mothers group about us.

Contact us if you would like to clarify if we can help resolve your baby care problem.