Paula - From Detroit, USA

I have a 9 week old baby daughter who is working herself towards a nice little routine for her days thanks to Rowena.  Up until my daughter was 4 weeks old, we would rock or pat her to sleep in our arms and put her down.  She would, however, either wake up as soon as we put her down or wake up after a short 10-15 minute nap.  My husband and I realized that we were spending our entire day trying to get her to nap with little success.


I decided to look at the message boards on the Internet to take advice from parents struggling with similar situations.  I came across one posting that sounded exactly like my baby’s situation.  Eagerly, I read some of the responses and one of them was from Rowena.  I decided to contact Rowena and solicit her help.  She was wonderful!!  She immediately emailed me back and followed up with a phone call to understand my baby’s daily routine.  After the phone conversation, Rowena emailed me a “settling plan” for my baby.  I followed the settling plan as outlined by Rowena and was able to teach my baby to settle and sleep for longer period in just four-five days.


During this time I emailed Rowena a few times each day with an update on the baby’s progress and for her advice during rough times.  Once again, Rowena was just wonderful – she took the time to write detailed emails reassuring me that a few rough days would pay off in the end.  And they have – My baby now takes a couple long naps (1 ½ -2 hours) and a couple short naps (30-45 minutes) during the day.  She wakes up happy and ready to play.  Because of her young age, she has days where she is unable to resettle herself for a longer nap, but even a short nap is a marked improvement over her not sleeping at all.  Thank you Rowena!!