How much sleep should a baby have

How Much Sleep Do Babies Need?

How Much Sleep Do Babies Need?

If your baby is often cranky, you're bound to wonder if she is getting enough sleep. While all babies are different, there are guidelines as to how many hours of sleep is average for babies at various ages.

Average sleep for babies

Parents are often concerned about the amount of sleep their child is getting. Many parents worry that their child not getting enough sleep, occasionally parents worry that their child is sleeping too much.

Parents concerns about the amount of time their child is sleeping are often dismissed with "some children need more sleep than others". Although this is true, many children do not get the amount of sleep than they need, and this can negatively affect their behavior resulting in irritability, whining, crying, and clingy behavior. Feeding patterns and behavior can also be adversely affected by lack of sleep.

As a parent you already know if your child is getting enough sleep by his/her behavior. The chart provided here, which lists the average number of hours of sleep for children of different ages, is provided as a guide only and is likely to confirm what you already suspect. 


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