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A consultation with our team can help you identify the cause of well baby care problems and provide an effective plan to promote your baby’s health and happiness. We specialise in bottle-feeding, breastfeeding, solids aversions, tube-weaning, sleep and many other baby care issues.



Bottle Feeding Problems
Bottle Feeding Problems

Bottle refusal? When your baby squirms, appears uncomfortable during feed, fusses, cries or refuses to eat, it can be challenge to figure out the cause. The timing and type of behavior she exhibits provides vital clues. This article discusses potential reasons for troubled feeding behavior.

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Bottle Feeding Aversion
Feeding Aversion

Does your baby refuse a bottle or refuses breastfeeding? You’re wondering, how to get your baby to take a bottle? Feeding a baby should be an enjoyable experience for all involved, however when baby repeatedly refuses to feed despite being hungry this makes feeding a frustrating and stressful experience for all involved. Identifying the cause is essential if the problem is to be resolved.

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Why Is Baby Not Drinking Enough?
Why Is Baby Not Drinking Enough?

It’s obvious when a bottle-fed baby is not drinking as much milk as expected. But does this mean she’s not drinking enough? Maybe ‘yes’. Maybe ‘no’. This article explains how to tell if your baby is underfeeding and the various reasons why babies don’t drink enough milk.

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No one instinctively knows how to care for a baby. The knowledge to be an effective parent is learned. Rowena's parenting books fast track the learning process and explain how to prevent and resolve baby feeding and sleeping problems. 




Amazing Program!

I cannot say enough positive things about Lindsay and the tube weaning program! Lindsay was knowledgeable, thorough in all her responses, and so very kind as well. She spent a ton of time with us on the initial consultation via facetime, and answered my millions of questions via email in such a helpful, kind, and thorough way.


Severe Aversion

My baby had a severe oral aversion. He was aversive to the pacifier and bottle. Within a day he fell back in love with his pacifier. By day 5 he was willing to have the bottle in his mouth. By day 10 he is drinking and excited to see the bottle! Lindsey saved us from going out of state (USA) for feeding therapy. The support and advice is phenomenal!


Restored peace

We booked a consultation with Lindsay, who was incredibly helpful and patient. She gave us a personalised care plan and supported us every step of the way. We started seeing improvements within the next few days and were so relieved. Ellie experienced a setback about a month later but with Lindsay’s help we quickly recovered from that too by sticking to the no pressure approach.


Cannot thank Rowena enough!

I am so glad I found Rowena. I was at my wits end with my 2.5 month old son's sleeping (or lack of it). So I searched all over the Internet to find someone who could help me with my dilemma, and after days and days of searching, I found my ray of light!! Rowena will help any settling problem you may have.  She changed our lives!


Happy baby and Parents!

Not being able to simply feed your baby is debilitating and stressful. We struggled with advice from doctors and couldn’t quite fix our baby’s feeding issues. Even after reading the book we couldn’t quite get it right. Our consultation with Lindsay was life changing for us and baby. Within a few days we saw behaviors change and after a week volumes increase. Worth every penny!


You will be in good hands.

I was very confused about reading the cues of my baby after a long journey going back and forth with bottle feeding aversion. I did not believe in myself anymore about solving the situation. Lindsay helped me figure out what actually were normal infant behaviour and what not and gave me the courage to believe in myself and my baby. It was very nice to talk to someone who actually understands the situation. She listened everything I had to say and tailored a plan specifically for my baby.