Since 2002, Baby Care Advice by Rowena Bennett has helped thousands of parents worldwide to resolve baby care problems.


Are you a feeling overwhelmed by baby feeding or sleep challenges? A consultation with one of our consultants can assist you in identifying and resolving baby care problems.


Our programs are based on the principles of baby led feeding and respect, providing a gentle and nurturing approach to introducing your little one to the bottle.

We specialize in bottle-feeding, breastfeeding, solids aversions, tube-weaning, sleep and many other baby care issues.

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A wonderful parent-led group of volunteers who are there to offer empathetic, compassionate support and guidance as you work your way through resolving your baby's feeding aversion using Rowena's method.

To enter to the group you will need to have read 'Your Baby's Bottle-Feeding Aversion' or had a consultation or purchased the online program.