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We would love to help you and your family enjoying feeding and sleep again.

PLEASE KINDLY NOTE: Our admin team cannot provide individual advice /assessment or phone calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How are consultations conducted?

All consultations are conducted online at a time convenient for you. When you receive your questionnaire, there will an option to select your preferred method of communication.


My baby won't take a bottle, but has a tube, which consultation do I book?

To provide the appropriate plan for a baby with a tube in place, this would strictly be a tube weaning booking. If you have booked a bottle consultation, we will advise that this is the incorrect booking and will need to rebooked with one of our tube weaning consultants.


What if I didn't receive a confirmation of my consultation?

You will receive an email confirming your booking and appointment time through our booking app Sesami. If you can't find the confirmation email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk mail. If still unable to find it, please contact us with your name and the type of consultation service you booked.


What if I need to cancel my consultation?

If you are unable to attend your appointment, you can reschedule or cancel. Please see our cancellation policy here.


What if I need help with twins or triplets?

We assess each child individually. Understandably, it will require more time to discuss individual problems experienced by multiple birth babies and there will be an additional charge involved. The amount would depend on the complexity of the problems involved. Please contact us for a quote.


What if my baby is troubled by more than one issue?

We can provide information and advice on any care problem you are experiencing with your baby, for example feeding, sleeping or persistent crying. However, it’s not always possible to resolve multiple problems at the same time without stressing baby. We find it will be more effective to address each problem individually, focusing on the most pressing issue.


What if my baby has a medical issue?

We do not provide medical advice. If you believe your baby’s troubled behavior is due to a medical condition, we recommended that you discuss this with your baby’s doctor. However, be aware that a diagnosed medical condition will not spare your baby from experiencing one of many developmental and behavioral problems often responsible for distressed infant behavior, feeding and sleeping problems. So if medical professionals have been unable to provide solutions to your baby care dilemma, it might be that the cause is due to a developmental or behavioral reason, both of which are within our field of expertise.


How can you solve a problem when you can't see my baby?

Unlike a medical doctor who needs to physically examine your baby in order to diagnose a medical condition, we explore the reasons for a healthy baby’s troubled behavior. We could do this by spending days observing your baby, or we could ask you questions about your baby; what you know and observe about his/her health, growth and development, feeding and sleeping patterns, behavior and routines, and about your infant feeding and settling practices.


What makes you able to help when others haven't?

See Why others fail


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