About Baby Care Advice

Baby Care Advice website was established in 2002 by Rowena Bennett to provide professional parenting information on the care of babies, the unique needs of babies, and advice on how to prevent and resolve well baby care problems.

About Rowena

I was a registered nurse and midwife before having children of my own. Like many parents, I suffered from chronic sleep deprivation and postpartum depression as a result of the stress associated with caring for crying, sleepless babies. Thankfully, not infant feeding problems.

The challenges I experienced in caring for my babies influenced my professional career. After my youngest started school, I trained as a mental health nurse and later undertook further studies to become a child health nurse and lactation consultant (IBCLC).  

From 1995 to 2015 I was employed as a child health nurse to assist parents to resolve infant feeding and sleeping problems and provide parenting advice at an Early Parenting Education Center in Australia. There, I literally worked side by side with parents and their babies for 8 hours a day for 4 to 5 days in a row. Working so closely with families provided countless opportunities to observe first-hand a diverse range of feeding and sleeping problems that trouble healthy babies and toddlers.

My years working at the center provided opportunities to learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the care of physically well babies. And how to adapt infant feeding and settling strategies to meet the needs of individual babies and their families.

Baby Care Advice Consultations

From experience, I know it’s not necessary to be in the same room with a physically well baby in order to assess the reason for feeding and sleeping problems, or to advise parents on ways to resolve the problem. In such a technologically advanced age, it’s possible to provide a professional consultation service via telephone, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype.

In 2002, I decided to start an online parenting consultation service. Hence, Baby Care Advice website was developed. Since that time, we have assisted thousands parents from around the globe to resolve their baby or toddler care problems.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have been hand-picked for their knowledge, experience, dedication in assisting struggling families and compassionate personalities. 

Our high success rate is due to an in-depth knowledge of child development, feeding and sleeping problems affecting well babies and toddlers. Through a comprehensive assessment we pay attention to the small but significant details that others overlook. 

We love what we do!  Knowing that we played a role in helping parents to resolve a problem that has caused them weeks or months of stress and sharing the joy that parents experience when they discover how much fun it is to care for their now content child, is priceless.

Rowena Bennett


Professional Experience

Rowena has over 20 years of experience guiding parents on how to resolve well baby care problems. 

Rowena's speciality areas include infant feeding and sleeping problems, including feeding aversion and tube weaning.


Registered Nurse - Certified Midwife - Certified Mental Health Nurse - Certified Child Health Nurse - Graduate Diploma in Health Promotions - International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) 


Rowena has retired from consultations, however continues to mentor her team of consultants. She is continuing her writing to address other baby care problems

Jennifer Power

Feeding/ Sleep Consultant

Professional Experience

Jennifer is a Registered Nurse and certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who has over 12 years of clinical experience specialising in NICU. She has also previously completed her post graduate certificate in Neonatal Nursing.


Through her practice in NICU, she has extensive experience and knowledge in bottle-feeding, breastfeeding and tube weaning. Working side by side with parents of babies, she sees firsthand the medical, physical and emotional challenges families experience. Jennifer loves working with families and seeing the difference her education and support can make to their lives.

Lindsay Wark

Feeding/ Sleep Consultant

Professional Experience

Lindsay has worked alongside her mentor, Rowena, in the infant feeding for over 4 years in her own consulting business, which focused on infant feeding issues; she then joined the Baby Care Advice team in 2020. Lindsay has extensive knowledge and expertise in the baby behavioural space, and has supported parents with breast, bottle and solids aversions, along with tube weaning. She prides herself on adopting an individualised approach to infant behavioural challenges, seeking to understand the nuances of each family's situation before offering support tailored to their needs.


Lindsay lives in the UK with her husband and two children. She has first-hand experience with feeding aversions, having successfully tube weaned her daughter, Rigby, in 2017 with Rowena's guidance. This experience means Lindsay is able to provide a genuine, empathetic approach when working with others. Recognising the importance of having support, Lindsay established the Baby Care Advice Feeding Aversion Support Group on Facebook in 2018. Lindsay's passion is helping parents tune into their babies, ultimately finding the happiness and enjoyment in parenthood once more.

Rebecca Lindhe

Feeding/ Sleep Consultant

Professional Experience

Rebecca has 15 years experience working with both children and adults to support swallowing/feeding and communication difficulties and has completed further professional development in the area of paediatric feeding.


Rebecca first worked with Rowena following the birth of her eldest son 7 years ago to successfully solve breast feeding concerns, and sought further support with tube, breast and bottle feeding of her second son, born prematurely. Working with Rowena and experiencing success really sparked Rebecca’s interest in paediatric feeding challenges and it perfectly complements and supports her role as a speech language pathologist.

Sarah Climpson

Video Support Consultant

Professional Experience

Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science in 2012 and has previously worked as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic, providing emergency care to both adult and paediatric patients. She has been heavily involved in the feeding aversion community since 2018, through her role within the Baby Care Advice Feeding Aversion Support Group on Facebook. Sarah also has first-hand knowledge of complex feeding needs, as her son was born with a cleft lip and palate.


Sarah lives with her husband and two children in regional Australia. She has experienced the challenges and emotional turmoil of feeding aversions first hand, when her son developed a bottle-feeding aversion at 8 weeks of age. With Rowena's support, Sarah was able to guide her son through his aversion successfully. This personal journey of growth and learning allows for the empathy which forms the foundation of Sarah's approach to supporting others. Sarah thrives on guiding families on how to tune into their baby’s own unique needs, and fostering relationships built on trust and acceptance.