Tube Weaning

Tube Weaning

Many healthy children, who are capable of feeding orally, continue to be tube-fed long term because of behavioral reasons for feeding refusal which are overlooked. Tube-feeding then serves to further reduce a baby’s motivation and willingness to feed orally.

 We would love to help your baby to develop a healthy feeding relationship through Rowena Bennett’s highly successful tube-weaning program, which promotes a safe and gradual approach to weaning in the comfort of your home with the guidance of our expert feeding consultants.

There are various reasons why a child may be tube-fed..

◦ An unresolved breast or bottle-feeding aversion

◦ Poor growth

◦ Extreme prematurity

◦ Medical condition

◦ Ineffective sucking and swallowing

◦ Aspiration risk

◦ Preparation for surgery


1. Your child is less than 2 years old.

2. Your child has been medically cleared to feed orally.

3. Your child has demonstrated that he/she has the physical ability to feed, drink, or eat safely (even if it's only a little) recently or in the past.

Although our tube-weaning program boasts an impressive 95% success rate, it is not possible for us to guarantee success for all tube-fed babies. Largely, this depends on the underlying reason for a child’s reliance on tube feeding, and whether this is medically warranted or not. For this reason, we are very specific about the clients which we accept, and we offer two approaches to tube-weaning in order to best prepare your family for success.

Is our program suitable for your baby?

Some babies have a greater chance at successfully tube-weaning compared to others.

Babies who score a ‘1’ on the Success Rating Scale, have the greatest chance at a successful tube wean; babies who rate a ‘6’ have the lowest chance of successfully weaning, although it is not an impossibility:

Which approach is best for your baby?

For some babies, a preparation tube-weaning consultation is required to set them up with a greater chance of success, before they can attempt a tube-wean.

We have two options for our tube weaning program:

1. Preparation tube-weaning consultation (1st stage) + standard tube weaning consultation (2nd stage - booked at later date - additional cost)

2. Standard tube weaning consultation

Preparation Tube Weaning Consultation

If your baby meets ANY of the below criteria, a preparation tube-weaning consultation will be required:

◦ Baby scores a 4 – 6 on the tube-weaning Success Rating Scale

◦ Baby has a complex medical history (eg. congenital birth defects, surgical interventions, requires oxygen)  

◦ Baby is severely underweight in BMI

Once you have completed your preparation tube-weaning period and baby is ready to attempt a tube-wean, you can then book a standard tube-weaning consultation.

For all other babies who do not meet the above criteria, a standard tube-weaning consultation is suitable.


Standard Tube Weaning Consultation

If your baby doesn't meet the preparation tube wean criteria, you are welcome to book a standard tube weaning consultation.

Please email if you are unsure of which consultation your baby needs.


What's included:

1. Questionnaire

Once you have booked a consultation, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to an online questionnaire.

2. Video

After reading your answers to the questionnaire, your consultant might request to see a video of your baby feeding.

3. Discussion

Your consultant will contact you at the scheduled time via the communication method of your choice. This part of the consultation process generally takes about an hour. Your baby does not need to be present during this conversation.

4. Individualized plan

As soon as possible following the discussion, your consultant will send you a written plan. This includes the information discussed, plus links to online articles that you may find helpful.

5. Support Days

We have optional support days available for our Preparation Tube Wean (not included in 'consultation only'). We also have 2 daily email support options available for our standard Tube Weaning Consultation (7 or 10 days). Please note it is for consecutive days.

Still have questions?

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