Solids Feeding Testimonials

My son Cody has always been a fussy eater.  We struggled with nursing, and then with bottle feeding when he was a few months old -- it just always felt like a struggle to get him to drink enough.  When Cody was 6 months old, I found Rowena and Baby Care Advice, and she helped us to understand that Cody's fussy eating was behavioral and a response to the pressure we were putting on him to eat, and could be easily improved by following a plan she laid out for us.  After a few days, we had a different baby.

After Cody transitioned over to solid foods at a year old, we started having some of the same troubles we had with bottle feeding.  Every meal felt like a struggle; it seemed like he would only eat a few bites at a time, and I was resorting to using toys and books to distract him while spooning baby food into his mouth.  Again we went back to Rowena for advice.  After answering a detailed questionnaire about Cody's behavior and qualities, Rowena again laid out an easy-to-follow plan that has led to a much more peaceful mealtimes in our house.  Cody is now on a manageable feeding schedule (instead of us trying to sneak food into his mouth all day long) and is usually happy in his high-chair.  We are so thankful to have this resource for solving these babyhood problems!  These are issues that our pediatrician just hasn't been equipped to help us with.

Joan - From Longmont, USA

I started to worry about Naiya's weight during my pregnancy when she was diagnosed with IUGR.  I was put on bed rest and had twice weekly ultrasounds to measure vitals to ensure Naiya was still surviving - I also had a scare and was admitted to hospital to be hooked up for 24 hour fetal monitoring about a month before I was due.  The growth restriction turned out to be related to a poor placenta and Naiya was tiny but a precious 5lbs 5oz bundle that changed our lives forever.  Given her low birth weight I always worried and stressed over making sure Naiya drank enough milk and ate enough solids and would do anything to ensure that she ate what I considered a good amount in hope that she would somehow hit those percentiles and become an average weight and height.  Naiya was perhaps one of the most challenging infants I have ever come across - she seemed to cry constantly for the first 5-6 months and after that we struggled to feed her milk and solids - we resorted to showing her videos on our phones and recording her favorite tv shows and replaying them during meal times to distract her so we could stuff solids down her.  After a rough 12 months, things were not getting any better, Naiya had now been conditioned to only eat when shown videos, she would not self feed at all, and she would arch her back, cry, and protest when placed in the high chair.

When Naiya was 15 months old my husband found out about Rowena's services online and suggested it to me as a long shot, not expecting I would agree to follow her advice or her program.  However, things were desperate and I was willing to give anything a try.  Rowena asked me to give her a dedicated week to follow her advice and program and I wouldn't take that week back for anything in the world.  She helped me to see where I was going wrong in not allowing Naiya the freedom to make a mess and learn to self feed.  She also taught me to create a schedule and allow Naiya to feel what it was to be hungry instead of constantly stuffing her with milk. I t was very tough for me to let go, but Rowena's support and advice was wonderful.  I will admit I was skeptical at first as to whether she could help me via a virtual program, but she was very diligent and responsive over email - I actually felt like she was right there with me.

Naiya is now eating solids much better, we do not show her videos and she has rapidly mastered the art of self-feeding with finger foods. We are encouraging spoon feeding and hope within the next few months she will also pick this up well. Our lives are a lot less stressful thanks to Rowena. Our next challenge is getting Naiya to sleep better with self settling, I am currently reading Rowena's book [Your Sleepless Baby: The Rescue Guide] and hope we can start to sleep better soon. If you are thinking about using Rowena's services to help with your baby's feeding or sleeping problems I would certainly recommend you do because you will not regret it.

Bina - From New York, USA