Crying Baby Testimonials

For the first 4.5 months of my daughter’s life, I hated being a mother.  My daughter cried between six and 12 hours a day, refused to sleep except for 15-minute catnaps in our arms and was the most miserable baby I had ever seen or heard of.  I dreaded every day with her.  I felt like a failure as a parent and cried just as much as my baby did.

At first, my husband and I desperately searched the medical community to find answers to our daughter’s problems.  We saw nearly a dozen different doctors, went to a premier children’s hospital and visited every specialist we could find.  Nothing helped.  What made it worse was the doctors’ diagnosis of colic—even after the typical timeframe for colic had ended.  One doctor suggested that my stress was causing my daughter’s problems and I should be evaluated for post-partum depression.  That’s when I lost faith in traditional medicine.

We finally found an osteopath who seemed to be able to help our poor little girl.  But she still wouldn’t sleep and spent most of the day fussing and crying.  That’s when we found Rowena and our lives changed. After a thorough evaluation of my daughter’s behaviors and medical history, Rowena suggested a settling plan.  I was skeptical that things would improve as quickly as Rowena said they would, but I dedicated myself to following the plan because I had nothing to lose.  Miraculously, by the third day we saw significant improvement in our daughter’s sleeping and eating patterns—just as Rowena had promised.  After a week, we had a new baby girl.  She no longer cried for hours on end, she fussed only when she was tired or hungry and—best of all—she napped regularly, giving her the rest she needed to grow and develop.

Rowena was a wonderful support system for us.  She always responded quickly to our questions and concerns, and she gave us the confidence we needed to be the best parents we could be.  After months of struggling to merely survive every day with our daughter, my husband and I were finally able to enjoy time with her.  She’s now a happy and healthy girl who loves to play peek-a-boo and smiles all the time.  Thanks to Rowena, we finally have the happy baby girl we’d always wanted.  I am so thankful that I found Rowena and decided to follow her advice.  They say babies don’t come with manuals, but working with Rowena was the next best thing to having “operating instructions.”  Thank you, Rowena!

McKenna - From Wisconsin, USA