Preparation Tube Weaning Consultation

Preparation Tube Weaning Consultation


Once you have completed your preparation tube-weaning period and baby is ready to attempt a tube-wean, you can then book a standard tube-weaning consultation.

Unsure if a preparation tube-weaning consultation is right for you?
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What’s Included?

◦ Questionnaire

◦ Video

◦ Discussion

◦ Individualized plan

◦ Optional Support Days (not included in 'Consultation only')

Commencement of Plan and Support Days:

Following your consultation, you will be provided with your individualized preparation tube-weaning plan. The recommendations provided to you are based on your baby’s current unique needs, which are ever-changing.

For this reason, we advise to commence your preparation tube-weaning plan within a two week period following the date of your consultation, unless otherwise agreed to between yourself and your consultant at the time of your appointment.

If the preparation tube-wean is not commenced within this two-week period, an additional re-assessment fee may be applicable.

Likewise, support days are to be used as follows:

· must commence within a two week period following the date of your consultation; and,

· to be used as consecutive days. Please ensure you have read our refund policy prior to booking.

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