A consultation with one of our consultants can assist you in identifying and resolving baby care problems. You then get to cherish this special time together, confident in the knowledge that you are providing for his/her nutritional, restful and emotional needs.

Are you tired of others trying to guess the cause of your baby's troubling behavior? We don't guess! We thoroughly assess the situation, pinpoint the cause, and provide recommendations specific to your baby's and family's circumstances.

Problems we can help with:

◦ Feeding Aversions - Breast, Bottle & Solids

◦ Tube weaning to bottle or solids

◦ Sleep problems

◦ Poor growth

◦ Crying for unknown reasons

◦ Weaning from breast to bottle

◦ Intestinal gas, constipation and diarrhea troubling physically well babies

◦ Reflux not responding to medications

◦ Insatiable hunger

◦ Babies and toddlers not eating enough



Tube Weaning

Many healthy children, who are capable of feeding orally, continue to be tube-fed long term because of behavioral reasons for feeding refusal which are overlooked. Tube-feeding then serves to further reduce a baby’s motivation and willingness to feed orally.

We would love to help your baby to develop a healthy feeding relationship through Rowena Bennett’s highly successful tube-weaning program, which promotes a safe and gradual approach to weaning in the comfort of your home with the guidance of our expert feeding consultants.


Want to know if a consultation is right for you?