How We Can Help

Baby Care Advice consultation service has built a reputation as a leading authority in resolving...

  Breastfeeding aversion
  Bottle-feeding aversion
  Aversion to eating solid foods.

See our feeding aversion article for more information.

However, our expertise extends beyond feeding aversions. We can assist with other baby care problems, such as…  

  Tube weaning to bottle or solids
  Poor growth
  Sleeping problems
  Crying for unknown reasons
  Weaning from breast to bottle
  Intestinal gas, constipation, and diarrhea troubling physically well babies.
  Reflux not responding to medical treatments
  Insatiable hunger
  Babies and toddlers not eating enough

    Our expertise is in resolving behavioral problems - which are the most common reasons for physically well babies and toddlers to become distressed and/or experience feeding, sleeping and growth problems. We provide practical parenting advice related to baby feeding, sleeping, crying, and growth problems.

    We are renowned for providing effective drug-free solutions to complex baby care problems that health professionals - who focus only on physical causes - are unable to resolve. (See our Testimonials).

    Contact us if you would like to clarify if we can help resolve your baby care problem.